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In a class of 30 students, who are not really used to having an active attitude towards learning, I find it very interesting to start with differentiation (in learning styles) to see if I can stir things up. I realize that an open mindset is essential (that is another big thing to look into).

I can already differentiate in difficulty, in slow learners/quick learners, but to differentiate in learning style is a whole new thing for me, and I am not really sure how to go about it.

Is this even possible in a class of 30 students, with subjects that change every 50 minutes?

I would like to understand how to start, day one. How do you find out the learning styles of your students? Is there something like a questionnaire you could use? Or do you create several ways to study the new subject (for example the French Revolution) and then see which one your students pick? Wouldn’t they pick the same style forever?  And if so,  won’t this be a bit too one sided (of the students)?  Therefore, should teachers help students to find more learning styles that can suit them?

So, to test if all of the students have mastered the new vocabulary, the new skills, the new information (all using their own style), how would you test this? Is a regular test the thing to do? Some students would have made a poster, a power point, a presentation which you can grade, but I can imagine that sometimes you would want to give them a regular (big) test. Does this make sense? Or would this be a thing of the past?